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Advertisements for selling- buying medical devices new or used in the field of physiotherapy, physical medicine and rehabilitation, general medicine, dermatology, therapy with diverse instruments, diagnostics, trigger points treatment, assessment tests in rehabilitation, pancafit ( flexi bench), x ray viewer, diaphanoscope, medical devices, equipment for medical practice, ECG used, medical beds, physiotherapy beds, chiropractic, osteopathic, manual therapy, standard vestibology platform (SVeP), postural analyser, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, electromyography(graphical records of the muscles activity), electrocardiogram, gynaecology beds, ultrasound probes. .

MEDICALMARKET24 : on this site you can sell / buy / can learn about prices for medical devices used in physiotherapy, in the manual therapy, rehabilitation as well as in the field of cosmetics and dermatology, also devices used in cosmetic surgery, wellness and medical devices used for trigger points, assessments in rehabilitation, armchairs, dental equipment and devices, resistive capacitive diathermy, shock wave therapy, LPG systems (develops 100% natural, high-tech solutions for responsible beauty like muscles, skin needs exercise, a balance diet, and tailored cosmetics) magnet, endosphere device( used in treatments against cellulite), Hydrofor-iontophoresis, Tecartherapy, ultrasound, ECG, therapymaster, SPAD (dynamic antigravity postural system), VISS (vibration sound system), vibration platform, HAKO( horizontal therapy delivery system), TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), vibrating sound systems, baropodometry platform, stabilometry platform, ultra sounds, scanner, podoscope, diathermy, tecnosix /sixtus device (used for premature rehabilitation), electro medical device (that allows the physiotherapist to use simultaneously two treatment methods, combining the resistive/capacitive energy transfer and the diffusion of the active agent), HILT ( high intensive laser therapy), laser therapy, Endermologie (noninvasive, suction-assisted massage technique), iontophoresis, motor rehabilitation kits, ozone therapy, vacuum therapy, cavitation appliance, traction therapy, anti bedsores therapy, kinesio taping, gynaecology beds, pancafit used, electromyography, multi-cell therapy, diaphonoscope, __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ is portal of the Musorrofiti Group . , ,  , , ,  , , ,

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